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Samstag, 4. Mai 2019

#IsraelUnderFire- Rosenkranz-Templeroffenbarung, by LAD Rosary



Today more than 150 Rockets fired on Israel

Here comes a sample of breaking news for
May 4th, 2019:
  1. Zivilbevölkerung in erneut unter Beschuss: Rund 50 Raketen wurden von aus abgefeuert – konnte Dutzende davon abfangen. Details zu Schäden folgen.
  2. Ca 90 (!) Raketen wurden heute morgen von der aus auf 🇮🇱 gefeuert. Gott sei Dank konnte die "Eiserne Kuppel" die allermeisten abfangen.
  3. Knapp 150 Raketen wurden von Gaza auf Israel abgefeuert. Freut ihr Deutschen euch eigentlich, dass eine Terrororganisation das ausführt, was eure Großeltern nicht geschafft haben? Judenauslöschung.
  4. Ich hab viele Linke unter meinen Followern. Geht es aber um Israel, schweigen diese Leute.
  5. Imagine if this was London, Paris, Berlin, Rome or Moscow? If even one rocket was fired? Well, over 100 have been fired at southern from in last half hour alone. No country should tolerate this!
  6. : Massive rocket barrages fired from Gaza towards southern communities. Several interceptions reported. Please pray.
  7. 90 rockets indiscriminately fired from Gaza into Israel in just 30 minutes. A 15-year old Israeli was injured while running for shelter and two are being treated for shock. And there may be more to come. Will NZ condemn this terror?
  8. How's your weekend? This is Sderot 🚨
  9. This is the reality in 🚨
  10. Nuke the motherfuckers nothing else will stop those palistenian terrorist trash
  11. Here is a headline you won't read in any of the Outlets. "In the past 30 minutes, more than 90 Rockets were launched towards " Somehow I feel if we will respond, you will hear about it.
  12. Found next to Ashkelon beach. No injuries reported.
  13. is under rocket attack NOW from Hamas terrorists in Gaza. EACH rocket is a war crime. EACH one is targeting Israeli cities and civilians

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