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Dienstag, 18. November 2008


After a long time, Pastor John Chacko (Parakkadavil) from Kerala, South India, Trivandrum mailed us. The actual situation in India is terribly, because of the terrorist attacks of hindus. In Orissa, a northern state, 16 orphanage girls had to flee in the djungles. They have no shelter, no warm clothes or coverings and winter is coming. 17 of the 21 village churches in the regions have been destroyed and burnt down.
We are strongly recommanded to pray for them. We could send a little amount to P.C.´s New Yorker account, for the very urgent needs.
From all over the world messages of persecution are rising and coming through the line, whereas the official medias do not realize or are under census.
Please pray and help, if You can!
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