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Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Shephard´s Stick = Plow

Have a look on this picture, the LORD gave to me:
He showed me a Shepard´s Stick, that is used like a plow,
with two points to hold on.
The plow is used to break the hard ground.

This means: Two academic grades of
1.) schience (agriculture, organic farming) and
2.) theology, religious education
hold the shepard´s stick (authority of a pastor)
The soil is hard, like a reduction horizon,
because people used to walk the same way again and again.
In spiritual is it the same: academic people use to think in the same thinking models again and again, so the way is hard of reductionism.
To fill the good seed of the word of GOD into the prepared ground, it is necessary to confront and break the usual way of thinking.
Have a look on my Apologetic article at Professorenforum, where both natural and spiritual arguments help to find new ways in mission. In University of Regensburg, at 20/21 February 2009, we are having a workshop and seminary on "Transdisziplinäre Kommunikationskompetenz".
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