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Donnerstag, 2. April 2009


YES, GOD can inaugurate Kings and Thrones and HE can destroy it!
HE CAN lead the hearths of the Kings like rivers of living water!
And HE is in controll of the BIG CHNAGES in Mankind!
For HIM one day is like 1000 Years.
So,, when Jesus came, Bible tells a big meta-narrative.
He came at times of a BIG CHANGE!
HE preached to the poor the Good News.
HE proclaimes a BIG HALL e LUH YAH -
a year of jubilee, where everybody, who was caught in
guilt and boundages has to get free!
That includes riches, countries, families,
houses, land, animals, slaves (employees),..
The BIG Changes have been only a few in history:
When ISRAEL went out of Egypt, when the Jews at Shushana
have been safed.
And NOW!
On April 8th of 2009 AD,
that is 5769, Jom Rewiì Nissan,
in the morning time,
a very seldom spectacle and sign in the heavens
(and on earth) can be seen:
The full moon before easter/pessach comes
into the big circle of Saturn in the month of NISSAN-
from Tuesday-evening unto Wednesday morning.
Tamud say, when this happens, the priest shall go out
and bless the sun, and praise the GLORY of OUR CREATOR!
"BARUCH ata Adonai, Elukenu, Melech HaOlam, asseh Maáseh Bereshit."
Gelobt seist Du, Ewiger, unser Gott, König der Welt, der die Werke der Schöpfung macht."
This year is the third time in history, this happens!
Please help to bless.
We pray and read the Bible, Psalm 19, 136 and 148:1-6
May a long life be Your destiny with wellness and comfort!
Please pray with us, to bless THE BIG CHANGE!
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