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Montag, 13. Juli 2009


What is the expanse ?Some of the ministry partners who read the letter enquired how much is the expense for one child in the orphanage. For the information of those interested ones I am giving you a rough estimate. We need to think one thing that uniform can get for Rs.350 and for 700 also on the basis of the quality. We always prefer an average one. Per day for one child we needRs.50 in Kerala for food.= Rs.1500 per month.Extra expanse at school opening.Items Rs.Bag 250Note books 120Text books 150Umbrella 200Lunch Box 100Geometry box , pen etc. 130Uniform (two pairs) 680 -----------------------------------------Total……………………… .1630 We have 23 children now.Jesus said; “What you did for these poor, You have done for me “Thank you God bless you.J C How to send support?You can transfer it to my newyork account.Name; PARAKKADAVIL JOHN. CHACKO (J C Parakkadavil) Account # 658094432 Bank;;HSBC Routing / ABA # 021001088. Bank address; HSBC 257-15 Union Turn Pike Glen Oaks N Y 11004
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