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Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Testimony of HOLLYDAYS

Since we work hard, we needed some rest and peace and getting close in love at a holliday vaccancy. But we had no money left for this.

When we looked at GOD-TV on Sattelite, we have been challanged to give a love offer, to set free our salvation on supply.

My wife Elke felt in the Spirit to give a donation, on "I Love America" (independence Day), Springfield,Missouri, (our GlobalUniversity "Ground Control") - when the wells in Africa have been poured out fresh water.
Then, when GOD-TV celebrated with Benny HINN the Holy supper, we called to donate 50€ amonth for at least 1 year for that mionistry.
The Holy Spirit gave the full blessing to me that late TV-night. I saw a picture from the LORD, that showed the LOGO of Our ministries and company ( a HEART - from a former book cover of Derek Prince : "The covenant of the marriage"- of ROSES) framing the face of Rory Alec (co-founder of GOD-TV!). To my mind it´s the coincidence of operating our visions together with GOD-TV.

We have been praying for holidays and needed
1. a place for our old mother to be taken care of for that time.
2. Someone to look for the house, rose-gardens and our 8 silver persian cats.
3. Hollyday Money for our old Mercedes Benz MB100 Travel-home.

So, nearly over night this happened:
1. we got a short time nurseries home for Marta (89) and Health insurance company took the full costs.
2. Conny, a befriended lady , who´s got a Persian cat of her own before and loves our little tigers, could not go for vaccancy and evenso her householding-job was reduced. She took care of our house and lifestock very heartfully.
3. Elke`s summer- income was increased on 50 € a month! Then her mother gave to her a Hollyday-money (she never did before!) of 500 €!
4. (Have to mention, we gave to Reinhard Bonnke another 75 €) : We could get another 750 € for the trip, because we safed it by loosing the household over the month´s period.

So, first time since several years we could go for a Holliday trip. It was full of adventures and spiritual explorations!
In Vienna we visited the artis-novis of Hundertwasser, the Austrian Jew. A wellnesspark and a catholic church, designed by him gave us many inspirations for praying and working! And we could give testimony to the honour of the LORD!
While reading Your Book "Against all ODDS", we discovered some very strategic places for christendom on the Adria-coast of Croatia!
We were very blessed and met some interesting people there (Pastor from Munic) near the ARENA of Pula, where several Christians became martyres in the first 4 centuries AD.
Then we discovered a Kathedral/Monastry/Castel in the tiny town of Valle/Bale.
At that place Giacomo Casanova (evenso a priest and free-masonry) summed up his science,spiritual issue and philosophy of ROMANTIC, that influenced the church architecture and brotherhood- dominion for centuries.

Back home, we found that we have been missed not too much and things seem to run even better than like we would have been there!

I could give 5 evangelistic outreach exanmples, i needed for my last exam for Second Bachelor in Religious Education.

A very special Launch for internet platforms has been arranged new, (15 th September) so it´s now perfect in time for us. All the work to be done that would have fixed me for several hours a day on the PC, went by "Spillover-Effect". That opens Global Virtual Opportunities to spread the GOSPEL on cyberspace.
(please look at the obove enclosed link!)

All in All we are really excited, how the LORD guides and provides and brakes heavy jokes, when we are obedient and offer a free love gift. GOD fulfilles HIS Promises and fills our hands with exactly what we need for the Moment.
We pray, that it is possible to meet You this Year at Jerusalem, because the LORD tells us so!
Praise the LORD and thanks to YOU,
our dear G.d Family in the Spirit
by the Grace of the One and Only HOLY!
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