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Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010





To catch


and to catch


According to the word, JESUS told to HIS disciple Peter.

A guide to be lucky in

Earning money and men.



ROSARY Ministries InternationalÓ




February 2010

1. To build the KINGDOM of GOD, we need freedom from our present “JOB”, and we need financial freedom to follow JESUS, the KINGFISHER.

2. When the heavenly leader of the disciples called them in fellowship, he asked Peter, who then was working with his father and fellows in the aerea of the sea of Gallilee. They where fishermen, but they tried to catch fish all night long, as they are used to, but had no advantage.

3. Jesus said: “throw again the nets, but now at daytime and to the other side of the boat.

4. Peter does so, against his experience, just in believe. And he cathed 153 big fish (size 150cm to 2 meter long), so that they needed two boats to bring them at land, without damaging the nets.

5. What does this mean for us today? – We have to take the situation as a living picture for our situation.

6. Today our net is the internet.

7. The fish is money.

8. We shall earn much money to be set free to follow the LORD.

9. Then we shall find as many followers as we can.

10. Let´s do according to the will of the LORD to make money with internet and then use it to catch followers.

11. The bible story from the men in the vineyard shows, that everybody shall get enough money, both those, who work from the morning to the evening, and those who just started in the afternoon.

12. This is a picture for vineyard= Kingdom of GOD, Morning to evening= lifetime, afternoon= parttime worker, or late comers (old aged), same price= who is following JESUS and does HIS work, will earn, what HE gives (no human thinking about rightiousness)

13. To get the message is not enaugh, You have to do it, according to the word of GOD and following the example, Rev.Bishop Uwe A.E.Rosenkranz is giving You.

14. To start, we have to look at Peter and feel into his situation and person. Peter had no luck, he could only work at the net to repair. Do You know this situation by your own?

15. Jesus (now Rev.Bishop ROSARY will be Your spiritual guide) did not tell how to repair the internet, he just said: use the internet, but at a different place and time, as you have done usually before.

16. The size and number of Fish (money!!!) was so very big, that Peter( YOU!) are not able to bring it in alone, you need help.

17. So, please get out of your comfort zone of depression on the PC or Your local church and follow me.

18. Before starting, be sure: You have a solid internet, a boat (church) and some friends to help You bring the cash in. Then start, like I will tell You!

19. Other time, other place. Your fishing territory has to change! Choose a time zone, where it is night at your daytime of internet phishing. (E.g. if u live in INDIA, use american time and place to catch money.)

20. Take an aerea (niche!), where You did not try to get money out, jet.

21. Don´t try to get all the money for u alone- it is tooo much !!! Let friends get on board to help u! Don´t be selfish fisher, but sales FISH KINGFISHERS! Be noble, be obideant, trust in GOD!

22. Don´t try to catch men for GOD, before You have got the money. It is the will of GOD to do this first step, and then the other. Be not oversophisticated to say: “No, I don´t want to do the “old Money job on internet- I AM an Evangelist! So, please give me some money, my dear beloved Bishop” (or : “JESUS” – in Prayer), “ I am sooooo pure, that I even cannot design the christmas tree with garnement!” Don´t be a beggar! Open Your bags and other´s, when You are reaching the aim of making money!

23. When U have gotten the big amount, count it and give to your brothers, fathers, mothers and to your master.

Next lesson will give You some very essential net software to use, the way to find niches, the time, place and presentation of the phatfish network to be done to catch money. You are now a KINGFISHER!
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