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Montag, 11. Juli 2011


To reach the People-
strategies of success -
by Rev Bishop Uwe Rosenkranz
In the last comments we found
that there is a need of strategies
to succeed in raching people.
Therefore Bishop ROSARY took advantage
to spread this word and teaching lecture.
1) You have to have a code that You live for.
2) You have to make sure Your strategies fit into the code.
3) Your personal image and position
have to be accredited in this
framework of lifestily and actions.
4) Your definition of success has to be clear to the people
5) You have to spread Your mission to the people You want to reach.
6) The tools and methods You choose
have to be positively related to Your goals of success.
7) Give people the opportunity to know, like and trust in You.
8) Use intensifier to make sure,
people know, like and trust in Your
lifestily, service, products and
the ways to reach success.
9) Let people correspond, give free choice to follow,
but evenso show ways out of it
and strategy of exit.
10) Give testimony of Your and Your follower´s success.
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