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Dienstag, 5. November 2013


Congress of Berlin Congress of Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Heavenly Alternative ProgrammDer ISRAEL-GERMANY CONGRESS at Berlin When organizing a Travel Tour, Be sure to meet the real interest of your participants. As we did last year, we will travel with ISRAELTOURS NOW from Nov. 23rd- Dec. 1rst 2013 To do this in peace and harmony, we Take good advice, when letting run the Heavenly alternative program . It is written in HOLY SCRIPTURES, That we shall not give space to Agryness and ZORRES, But to let all revenge be in The hands of GOD. Acting like this according to The Heavenly alternative program We shall overcome the evil by doing good. Bless those who dam you and Do charity to those, which hate you; Doing this, you are Putting burning flames And hot coals on their heads. With kindness, patience, humbleness, Joy and peace you will succeed. Peace and prosperity will follow those, Who are in the fellowship of These fruits. Berlin Congress on ISRAEL-GERMAN RELATIONSHIP Will stick to that theme. Teachings about "getting the power from the root" Will guide to the "goals in future". WE ´VE WON TWO FREE TICKETS FOR THIS EXHIBITION. So we are challenged to present our concepts And plans about future startups in ISRAEL. We will show to you and to our dear, Kindly involved audience, Our Heavenly alternative program And how this works:

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(pls watch the german video teaching)
  • -The King Fisher Principles
  • - The CAREFREE delivery service
  • - The Global Virtual Opportunity
  • - The Bishop ROSARY Blogs
  • - The RMI Apps.
  • - The HRM Plugins on WordPress
  • - The http://ROSARY.elasticbeanstalk.com AMAZON IT-ENVIRONMENT
  • - The BIOSEAL ref. PATent licence AT http://KraftNetz.com
When following us at our funding startup with ISRAEL-GERMAN Research & Development project, You will get the opportunity to get on board now. Pls remember, NOW is the time and the right place to join in to our Heavenly alternative program . Pls have a look at the links. MEET US NOW AND JOIN IN TO OUR TEAM! For more information pls fill in the form above! Your welcome

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