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Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2016

Weather anormality and Global Warming- solutions to reduce emissions with UN Climate Credits- by Dr. Uwe Rosenkranz

Weather anormality and Global Warming-

solutions to reduce emissions with UN Climate Credits

by Dr. Uwe Rosenkranz

This week we´ve been facing
several weather anormalities,
like # Tropical Cyclone Vardah .
It reached strom speed of 200 miles/h and
hit Chennai, INDIA- pls see forecast.


forthfollowing sattelite stormwarning can be gotten here:

For more info:
http://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/indian   and

Can we controll climate and/or is it
human influenced?

New US President Donald Trump is scepticall
and wants to stop US climate budget at UNFCCC.

Pope Bergnolio says: new priests have to teach
GLOBAL WARMING, like advised in
Encaclica Laudato Si.

Wheter or not we may infuence the weather
or climate, we already have solutions
for a better socio-economiocal infrastructure
of developing countries, that do not harm atmosphere.

Due to these Lighthouse Activity we made with
Solar Power Plants along the INDIA northern trail of
Pan-Asia Railroad, our MOMENTUM creates persistant
livelihood with our patented landmanagement system
Pls. watch the videos below and visit our website:


and webshop:
https://supr.com/Rosy .

There You can get immediately stakeholder values
to reduce emissions with UN climate credits.
Our funds are fully evaluated and cleared (TT) at
UN CLimate secretary, Bonn, Germany.

Uwe Rosenkranz, Dr.
known as "Pope St. Simon Peter II."

2 UN videos, BC, CC, COP22 and Parisagreement:

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