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Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

ISRAEL under fire - call to action- via Uwe Rosenkranz and Jerusalemnews.info

Call to action: The biggest donators to UNRWA and to the Palestinian Authority (PA), namely the US and the EU, should drastically defund as long as#EducHaters continue to teach and incite hate against Jews and against for Israel amongst Palestinian children. Please contact the US State Department through Facebookhttp://bit.ly/2mmuY6d and Twitterhttp://bit.ly/2niiegb and contact the European Commission through Facebook http://bit.ly/2niF3QVor Twitterhttp://bit.ly/2na2IE2.

Inciting hate is part of the curriculum in schools in Gaza and it is taught to Palestinian kids on many levels: the schools are named after terrorists and "martyrs", pictures of "martyrs" adorn the school walls, maps are designed to exclude Israel, kids are taught to "plan" terrorist attacks through#TerrorTunnels, children play out games to shoot Israeli "soldiers", history books are tampered to maintain a pro-Palestinian narrative, teachers encourage their pupils to attack Israelis etc…

Of course, the issue has come under scrutiny by the donating countries numerous times but as one teacher explains, the hate is there to stay: "The donor countries put in their rules but if I am teaching students about the love of Palestine, I have to teach them about the importance of resisting the occupation".

Here are a few movies you might (not) want to watch which illustrate the problem graphically: "Adorable child stabs" http://bit.ly/2nrDBjt, "Tunnel training" http://bit.ly/2nrKC3F, "UNRWA Road to Terror" http://bit.ly/2n397mU, "School play that glorify violence" http://bit.ly/2ne7KlB. There are many more but if you've watched one, you'll get the point.

If the PA wants to continue to get funds, this#EducHation must come to a full stop.

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