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Freitag, 31. März 2017

#IsraelUnderFire calls to action- via Uwe Rosenkranz

Call to Action: If you are in Chicago over the weekend (March 31st – April 2nd), please be sure to go and visit Hyatt Regency McCormick Place (2233 S Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago, Illinois 60616) and protest the participation of Rasmea Odeh at the JVP's yearly meeting – please don't forget to light two candles in honor of Odeh's victims, Edward Joffee and Leon Kanner.
The "Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is honored to feature deeply respected Palestinian organizer Rasmea Odeh at our upcoming National Membership Meeting". What Wise doesn't realize is that by "honoring" the "deeply respected" Odeh, she is effectively dishonoring the memory of Joffee and Kanner as well as the memories of all of the thousands of victims of terror. And even if we accept the fact that Wise "believes" Odeh, her insistence on "honoring" Odeh, a convicted terrorist and an illegal immigrant, manifests a deep insensitivity to the Jewish people, the people of Israel and the American public.
Odeh arrived in America as a convicted terrorist, rose to becoming a "respected" leader of the Palestinian cause, a leader of the women's cause (through Linda Sarsour) and now the "honored" guest of a Jewish Organization (with Linda Sarsour, again) which has become violently anti-Israel.
Fortunately, she will soon be deported from America but unfortunately, not quick enough.
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