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Freitag, 24. März 2017

Syrian Lifes matter- calltoaction by #IsraelUnderFire- via Archbishop Dr. Uwe Rosenkranz

Call to action: Please share this post and this movie http://bit.ly/2nvJmt2 and join this Jewish students initiative to raise awareness to the human rights catastrophe in Syria. And if you are active on campus, be sure to check out this site http://bit.ly/2mMXxtT - where you can find ways to
take action and help save Syrians.
The Syrian war is the "deadliest conflict of the 21st century": The war, which raged for 6 years, has taken a heavy toll: over 400,000 civilian casualties and over 8 million displaced refugees.
These people need our help NOW. Please click on to this site http://bit.ly/2mMXxtT - there's a lot more information there and many options on how to make a difference in helping the Syrian war victims.
Through the site, you can rent movies such as "Red Lines", "The Return to Homs" and "7 Days in Syria" which should be screened on campuses all over the world.
You'll also find graphic materials which can be used to raise awareness on your campus for the Syrian civilians.
Or you can also donate to some of the NGO's working to help Syrian civilians - and yes, there are Israeli NGO's who are proudly helping Syrian victims of this horrific war.

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