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Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

What it´s All about- ROSARY Minsitry International and The Thing called JESUS Cult - by Lord Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Pls watch the videos below.


Lord Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

explains,                   What it´s All about- 

The Thing called JESUS  Cult

 can be seen in the next video, shown by 

Lord Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Here are few facts that proofe the 
  • standing 
  • (in german: LEUMUND), 
  • the titles, 
  • certificates
  • letters of appointment,
  • purposes 
  • and goals
  •  that is going to put our assets to the ground.
Pls watch the next video 

by  Lord Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz:

In Rosary Garden is is self-evident, 

What it´s All about .

Voluntary aims als well as humanitarian focussing
are most of all important and relevant to combine
  •  the BIOSEAL
with cross-cultural bridge-over
to  make 

 The Thing called JESUS  Cult

a global solution.

Pls visit us as present actual event:

and/or become member of our
worldwide charity culture club

World Council of Bishops
All India Independant Christian Union and

ROSARY Minstry International

Attached files:
prolongation of MSCS-
mission and vision

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