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Freitag, 14. Oktober 2022

LOGOS 10 releaswed now- student and faculty courses life! öä- by LAD Rosenkranz

 Subject: You’re Getting Logos 10!


We are excited to announce the arrival of Logos 10! All students and faculty will be automatically upgraded to the latest version on Monday, October 10th (mid-morning). If you already have Logos 9 installed, restart Logos and the upgrade will start automatically (if not, try again later). While you’re waiting for the upgrade to complete, check out www.logos.com/10 to explore what’s new. RRL users can expect an upgrade around the 14th or later which is focused on the new user interface (not all new features will be added to the RRL).  


Logos 10 combines a new modern look with lightning fast speed. Plus, you will love the improvements to the Logos mobile app. To help you adjust, our friends at Faithlife are providing two 60-minute live demonstrations of what’s new in Logos 10 (choose one). Register to attend below:


Option 1: Friday, 10/14/22 @ 12 p.m. Pacific  (Register Here)

Option 2: Friday, 10/14/22 @ 9 a.m. Central (Register Here)


If you are unable to attend one of these live demonstrations, watch the video below to explore L10:


Watch: What’s New in Logos 10!



By equipping you with Logos 10, we hope to provide you with a tool that will serve you throughout your life and ministry. It just keeps getting better.  




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