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Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Holiday in the warm garden

Summer holiday,

our rose gardens florish and a sweet smell of honey
mixes the air with fresh flavour of bee and butterfly-
crowded LAVENDULA.

O.k. there is a financial melt-down of our
journey-travelling kassa.
We could worry about the global warming.

We could fill our Mercedes-Benz Travel Home
with "Diesel" from our home heater system
(we filled it just before the last Gaza-trouble
with some extra 500 liter.)
That would allow us to reach
any good trip within 5000 kilometers!

But, our 89 years old mother (in law)
could not hang around in one of that
Alzheimer - homes .

And who looks for our beloved 8 persian silver shadow cats?

So, before we descent into the poor homeless scene,
lets do another bible study course to reach
the final Second Bachelor Degree
in Religious Education.

And pray to GOD, that this New World Order
(even Pope Benedetto writes about) is not the
worse side of the medal
of global Obamania!
We love USA, and we love
Springfield concert on GOD TV!
We are blessed God-TV-ANGELS!
Praise the LORD!

And enjoy summer holidays!
GOD bless U!
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