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Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

NEW WORLD ORDER- Pope Benedict in Charitatis in Veritas

In his new encyclica "CHARITATIS IN VERITAS" Pope Benedict XVI. proclaims a New World Order. He supports a political system with global autority, leading to a planetary governement.
Some see in this the beginning apocalypsis, other assume a world ruler to be the only one to manage finance, climate and food crisis.
We discuss on http://www.JESUS.de and on http://www.emergent-deutschland.de several opinions.
To my mind ( and i proofed this before in many essays and teaching labs) the conventional evagelical-protestantic religion and the post-modern neoliberal ideology coul not handle the upcoming scenario, as casino-capitalism brakes together (or melt down, as others sophistically and euphemistically tend to apostrophe).

Anyhow, in my past spiritual life i lived together with some catholic brothers, who helped to prepare the themes of the encyclica, concerning charitas, and i found out that they lived what they said and wrote.
So, there is still hope to believe in the true motivation of the head of the christian katholic world.
I am Reverend and member of the Confraternity of The Most Holy ROSARY, the Arch-brotherhood of Benedictine Fathers. So this would be binding for me, and really it is an orientation in a world of trouble.

As far as Barak Hussain Obama is coming out of charismatic christian movement, there is no matter to suppose him to be the Anti-Christ.

My resumee´ on the actual state of the art is: I appreciate the ruling and i try to live out true Charitas according to the revealed will of GOD ALLMIGHTY, to whom allone i am responsible.
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