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Montag, 12. April 2010

edu-review - part 2

Sample lesson plan teacher:
Subject: Principals of Teaching ROSARY-Praying and MORE…
Class: Bible School Teachers
Lesson: Lesson 3: Evaluate changes in behaviour
Textbook: ICI-University Independant-Study Textbook Principles of Teaching, Shaw
Main Objective: Make and use hotconference educational games
Related course goal: Plan, prepare and teach/moderate environmental scenario games, evaluate and discuss
Checklist of deed 47
Projects: Make lesson plans Readings Field trips
Games/Quizzes Powerpoint-presentation Destillation/Flacoon
Checklist of equipment needed: Chalk board maps Chart
Flip Chart/Poster Flannelboard/pictures Camcorder
hotconference software /PC Beamer/Projector screen workshop cards
Model sample lesson plans Reference Books ebook: ROSENKRANZ-Templeroffenbarung
Projector Film slides Records/Tape/DVD Player Other forms to fill in

Time Presentation Illustration AIDS Questions Learning Activities
5 min Introduction Compare ROSARY Praying Chain with ROSARY RIDGEBED CULTURE Prayer Chain/Flyer Why do believers need Liturgy for Praying? Rythm for working? Discuss importance of PRAYER CHAINS
10 min Part 1: Value of PRAYING 24/7 : Bubbling Yourself empty? Bible verses/BIBLE How does a praying structure help to get a fair rythm in prayer chains? On Notebook:- 2 workshop teams analyse ways to pray:
10 min Part 2: Contents of a CDM-Project Working makes free- vs. Working is a curse ppt-Presentation How many use coherency/Harmony in their lifestile? Use paper cards for working projects
20 min Design for Teaching/Environmental Scenario games hotconference rooms for simultanious gaming Notebook+beamer, A Team Challange How to Safe the Earth Play "Safe-the-Earth", Evaluate results immediatly
5 min Using flip charts/cards for sampling the results Designing cards on flipchart Flipchart,poster,marker How can we take relevant results to the market place? Prayer for GOD´s help
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