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Montag, 12. April 2010

review, edu,part 2a)

Date Course: General Plan for Lessons Date 18.11.2008 to
Lesson Number Scripture Topic Objectives Aids Learning Activities
28.11.2008 1 Marc 13,3-8 + Revelation How to change our ecological behaviour into Christ-centred Livelihoods to overcome the climate crisis. Explain the ROSARY RIDGEBED CULTURE according to the HOLY ROSARY PRAYER. Bible, online teaching roomppt-presentation, video,ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN Widget Provide novel activities and information about ROSARY- brotherhood of men.
29.11.2008 2 1.Mo. 2,15 + 3,23 Care for life, safe and heal-Our GOD- given task on planet earth Understand the importance of following JESUS example of loving and serving others in fulfilment of HIS GOD-given task. LOGOS BIBLE Gold Edition, ROSARY-revelation of templarsebook, Involve learners into several scenarios, where praying and serving in a Christ-centred Livelihood is in coherency with ecologic aims.
30.11.2008 3 1.Kor. 9,25 + 2.Tim. 4,8 Effective prayer Understand the role of Prayer and how to pray effectively . ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN multimedia projector, backside screen Provide with advanced levels of the Most HOLY ROSARY PRAYER as an Ordination Ceremony to live in a Christ-centred community.
ab 1.12. 2008 4 Phil. 4,8 + 1.Thess. 2,19 Life according to Biblical standards Define Biblical standards and how they apply to Christian living. workshop,projector,pinwall, flyerOnline-game “Safe the Earth” Invitation into ecological behaviour according to biblical standards, using multimedia responses,billings and challenges to test own skills and attitudes in a ranking list of teams. Check efforts in change of behaviour and discuss them.

Curriculum: hotconference teaching rooms: Bible roomhttp://ROSARY.sorgenlos.net Edu 2, edu 3 edu 4,

2). Statement of adult group related course objectives.

a) This course will be taught to a class of High School students in adult age groups.
b) Objective 1: Students will be able to identify the key character traits of a Christian concerning climate.
Objective 2: Students will understand the benefits/blessings of Christian living according to environment.
Objective 3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the potential consequences of not living
according to Biblical standards, especcially occurring in the climate crisis.

c) The objectives are appropriate because this age group class members are both students and hard workers with their bodies in physical decline and some are unable to visit church. Teaching has to be brought to them according to their gear activities concerning their needs.

One of the methods is to deliver a home based internet learning platform. This helps to optimize their economic resources as well as to reduce their carbon output by ability to stay at home, not to drive to a central university campus and to give them more time to share with their families.

It is essential for their mental characteristics to motivate in a contemplative way.
The HOLY ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN and the ROSARY RIDGEBED CULTURE (as one possible climate solution they may build in their gardens by their own) are presenting a direct and effective way of a Christ-centred life according to the biblical standards of caring for others, protect and care for their environment, they are able to influence.

They like to share ideas and opinions influenced by their varied educational backgrounds.
Developing a green lifestyle, following JESUS example in fulfilment of GOD´s task can be understood by applying a moderate measurement for their change of behaviour. Creativity can be shared with others in their home church and congregation and in bible class.

They tend to become self- or family-related.
Therefore the pragmatical benefits of their change in behaviour for their family households and their “Carbondioxyd-footprint” ( billing of their homechurch´s reduce of carbon output, as a team) are shown. The challenges of other teams in the online – game scenario of “Safe the Earth” gives them a sudden feedback for their ability to manage the climate crisis in a Christ-centred manner.

Teaching suggestions are to lead them on a discovery of deep spiritual truths.
To maintain adults with spiritual insights means evenso to encourage them to share and value their own opinions.
The “Good Procedure” of ROSARY-Brotherhoods-of-Men as communities, where praying and working is in harmony with biblical standards and according to the natural resources, is supplying an obvious model of longlasting Christian livelihood with economical and ecological efforts. This leads to authoritative and trustful examples to reach for in good daily practice.
This objective should give them the ability to understand the key character traits of a Christian concerning their behaviour in times of climate change.

A second objective is to provide the adult group with a round table forum and create a friendly atmosphere in a kindly moderated hotconference room. This is not only necessary to connect with other Christians in a biblical curriculum, but eventhough delivers space and time of love and peace for a worldwide community of emerging church as one organisation of the virtual body of Christ. As a result they should be able to understand the blessings of Christian Living.

Social characteristics of change in family environment, new interestes and needs and church responsibilities have to be suggested. This development of characteristic traits of Christians are presented in university workshops and seminaries, added to this course. “Transdisciplinary Competence of Communication” at University of Regensburg leads to new land, according to the well-known 2006 Speeches of Pope Benedict XVI.
In Order to train this in their home churches supplies practical help in a internet-based curriculum.
Special mentors may spread this new knowledge and know-how as coaches in several crisis scenarios.

Guiding in establishing and maintaining a christian home, causes the need to teach adult group related
Interests to the students.
This is best done by showing adults that they are needed and loved.
Spiritual training and experience has to supply a continuing growing spirituality connected to the universal body of christ.
Encouraging, training and providing opportunities for service in the home church according to biblical standards is one teaching suggestion.
This should lead and challenge the teaching. As a third objective they should demonstrate an understanding of the potential consequences of not living according to Biblical standards and what this means to their environmental behaviour as a status in a ranking list of christ-centred ecological teams.

Objectives to identify, how Christ-centred livelihoods lead to ecological responses in personal behaviour to overcome the climate crisis use the methodology of hotconference teaching rooms and work out developing processes of adult study groups to discover their spiritual potential.
They deliver a “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” – Concept (HACCP) in order to discover how to manage creative scenarios, how to use their gifts and abilities to reduce their home churchs footprint (as measured in combination of ecological and economical parameters, like presented in the online-game “Safe-the Earth”).

Best –in –practice scenarios have been tested by Fraunhofer-Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany), together with TÜV Süd in 2004/5 with two reference groups (adult middle-class-companies manager and academic studens and doctors- group). This proofed the ecological “footprint” of companies and established the accredited UNFCCC-project baselines.
To involve adult study groups into a more familiar scenario according to biblical standards can be done by transforming the environmental knowledge to this education course, building up teams and evaluate the spiritual and ethical
issues by discussing the results of climate change competitions, that result as efforts and advantages of the ranking list of teams.

This should include round-table-discussions, open forum, moderated chatrooms and adviced teaching for included team members.Administrative coaches should provide advanced knowledge for those who care for life, and understand how GOD´s task to protect life give them a personal vision for praying and working to heal our planet.
This objective should be offered to adult students who dedicate their lifes to JESUS and show a right livelihood according to biblical standards as their natural christ-centred lifestile. As a result of this objective, the Order of the most HOLYROSARY PRAYER offers an ordination ceremony for the brotherhood-of-men Project for Principals of Teaching (ICI-Course 3102/3)

1). Character traits of a Christian
A course plan for a four-lesson course to train abilities to develop behaviour to prepare for climate change.


2) 3.) One complete lesson plan in outline form for lesson 3 (Effective prayer) of the course plan.

Lesson plan –sheet schedule, part 1
Sample lesson plan 27.11.2008, Erlangen teacher: Uwe Rosenkranz ELIJAH-CHURCH
Subject: Principals of Teaching ROSARY-Praying and MORE…Effective prayer
Class: Bible School Teachers/students and members of emerging church Germany
Lesson: Lesson 3: Evaluate changes in behaviour
Textbook: ICI-University Independant-Study Textbook Principles of Teaching, Shaw
Main Objective: Invitation into the HOLY ROSARY PRAYER CHAIN as one form of effective prayer
Related course goal: Define and demonstrate how ROSARY PRAYER and ROSARY RIDGEBED CULTURE correspond to the ORDER RULES of the ROSARY Brotherhood: “Praying and Working” environmental scenario games, evaluate and discuss
Checklist of deeds
Projects: Make lesson plans Readings Field trips
Games/Quizzes Powerpoint-presentation Destillation/Flacoon
Checklist of equipment needed: Chalk board maps Chart
Lesson plan –sheet schedule, part 2 Flip Chart/Poster Flannelboard/pictures Camcorder
hotconference software /PC Beamer/Projector screen workshop cards
Model sample lesson plans Reference Books ebook: ROSARY- revelation-of-templars
Projector Film slides Records/Tape/DVD Player Other forms to fill in

Time Presentation Illustration AIDS Questions Learning Activities
5 min Introduction-HOOK Compare ROSARY Praying Chain with ROSARY RIDGEBED CULTURE Prayer Chain/Flyer Why do believers need Liturgy for Praying? Rythm for working? Discuss importanceof PRAYER CHAINS
10 min Part 1: Value of PRAYING – LOOKTwo teams 24/7 : Bubbling Yourself empty? Bible verses/BIBLE How does a praying structure help to get a fair rythm in prayer chains? On Notebook:2 workshop teams analyse ways to pray:
10 min Part 2: Contents of a HACCP-Project – LOOKTwo teams Working makes free- vs. Working is a curse ppt-Presentation How many use coherency/Harmony in their lifestile? Use paper cards for working projects-put together the results of both groups
20 min Design for Teaching/LOGOS BIBLE SOFTWARE,describing and identifying special scripture texts - BOOK hotconference rooms for simultanious bible teaching and environmental gaming Notebook, beamer Team Challenge How to Safe the Earth Play "Safe-theEarth", Evaluate results immediatly
5 min Using flip charts/cards for sampling the resultsTOOK Designing cards on flipchart Flipchart,postermarker How can we take relevant results to the market place? Prayer forGOD´s help
Comments on results

3) Lesson plan –sheet schedule, part 3

A HACCP-Concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) of personal behaviour in the beginning of the teaching gives a good measure to the effectiveness of reached goals after the Teaching .For implementation of the change the best practice projects can be driven to a UNFCCC- Climate project (e.g. as small scale landmanagement system CDM-project) Setting these standarts according to Biblical Example and following the rules gives the rewarded effort, trained in the scenario. Actual Ranking (measurement: “I saved xxx sqarefeet of rainforest” )of Team ROSARY RIDGEBEDROUNDABOUTCan be seen at the website http://ROSARY.sorgenlos.net
Place to show the adult age student class teams effort of change in behaviour in Christ-centred livelihoods according to biblical standards in a forthwritten HACCP-concept of their homechurch´s footprint in a ranking list of the online game “Safe –the Earth”

4) An explanation of teaching methodology you would use based on the students class adult age group, along with a statement of target cognitive levels of learning and a proposed method of testing or measuring goal achievement..

In order to teach adult groups it should be comfortable to involve the class members in activities in which they respond actively. To reach this it is appreciable to provide activities in which ther learner uses more than one of their senses at one time. Advanced organizers shall be used to fit the provided activities. As a challenge for evaluation the immediate knowledge of results will be available in a figure on ther teams website, showing, how much squarefeet of rainforrest they saved”. To reach the same goal, the learners should be involved in numerous varied activities, and regarding to the information there is the need of novel activities.
To lead an adult group to the evaluation level, where they can judge values, based on creteria, it is necessary for
them to put parts together to create something new on the synthesis level. This conditionally needs skills of analysis,
where the adults are able to solve climate problems systematically, braking down into the parts. While provided with the
environmetal game scenario of “safe-the-Earth”, the learners are challenged to transfer learning to new situations.
The examining applications spread comprehension by interpreting and translating into new forms. As a basic step
knowledge is given to increase memorizing and recalling.
Adults tend to react slowly on new megatrends, if their personally needs are not tangered.
This leads to the conclusion, that inhomogen adult teahing groups should be evaluated first.
Then follow the former mentioned areas of Knowledge and Understanding.

These general cognitive levels of learning are specialized and braught down to earth in certain steps:
1). On the Knowledge level the adult student group should memorize at least two changes in behaviour in a Christ-centred livelihood to overcome the climate crisis. They should explain the ROSARY-RIDGEBED-CULTURE and it´s impact to reduce their hoesehold´s carbondioxyd-output and describe how the ROSARY-PRAYER-CHAIN is related to it.
This is reached by supplying the methodology of an online-application in form of the ROSARY-PRAYER-CHAIN-widget and one video, explaining the ROSARY-RIDGEBED-CULTURE with a powerpoint-presentation in an online-Teaching-room.

2). On the Comprehension-level these learners should be able to define at least two causes of climate changes, like carbon output (CO²-“footprint”) and waste of energy and how a measurement for the results of their change in behaviour works to manage ecological solutions in a spiritual way.
To lead the adult class to this step, two adult age groups should be built.
One of them looks for their GOD-given task to care for life, protect and heal life on earth , like it is shown in the scriptures by usingflip charts for bible verses. The example of JESUS, fulfilling this task by loving and serving others is figured out.
The other adult age class group should explain in the example of the ROSARY-Brotherhood-of-men livelihood.
The contemplative way of Christ-centred lifestyle and the role of effective praying and working according to biblical rules should be scheduled by demonstrating the ability to use the ROSARY PRAYER widget as one tool to create a contemplative athmosphere.
Both groups then should bring their results together on a pinwall, creating a poster with coloured markers.

3). On the Application-level the students should be able to offer own activities that correspond to creative aims to reduce their carbon footprint and intensify their effectiveness in using of energy and resources. On this step of cognitive level they shall be leaded to evaluate their own change of behaviour and test their skills and attitudes by building up homechurch-teams in the scenario of the online game “Safe-the-Earth”.
The former recognized activities should be measured and discussed in open forums to establish HACCP-concepts in their familiar evironment in a moderate and friendly way. They should be able to teach others to accept these biblical standards of change in behaviour by building up teams, recruting members from their homechurch and reaching new members in the virtual body of Christ, using the online-based teaching rooms and the supplied tools.
On this level, the two groups of workshop teams, now called the “Convential group” and the “Contemplative group”
should demonstrate their ability to offer different solutions to undisired climate changes.

4). In an advanced step in the curriculum the adult age student class group should demonstrate a JESUS-centred lifestyle and give testimony through their own right livelihood by presenting peace and harmony with ethical standards according to the bible. This should lead the students to implement their change in behaviour to overcome the climate crisis in order to pray and work and to to love + serve others to manage the crisis.
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