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Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

December- News


December Newsletter ROSARY Ministries International


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Rosary Ministries International

Was founded with the

Word of GOD from

Jeremia 4,3 (according to Hosea 10,12):

Take New Land under Your Plow!


It is said: lay seed on good land,

Don´t give it under the thorns.

Lay seed in rightiousness and love!


So we did, preaching love and peace.

In a time of trouble

The word of the Allmighty

Has build a bridge over wild waters.

HE revealed the good smell of HIS

Knowledge and wisdom upon us. (2nd Cor. 2,14).

The Glory of the LORD (Shekinah Ha Kodesh)

Came upopn the congregations

And healing and sacred Holyness

As a gift of the Holy Spirit

Layed upon us and rested,

When we preached the gospel

and lay hand on eldest

to give Semicha (Ordination) (1rst Timothy 4,14),

when inaugurating the ROSARY as Bishop.

Many of the sick people have been healed,

When using ROSARY Salvation Oil

According to Jacob 5.

And now we see , we have

Layed the good seed on

Well prepared ground:

Pastor Anand Chakravarthi

Brought hundrets of  people to JESUS.

Reverend Sam Paul Dasari

Is teaching how to prepare

Salvation Oil and perfume.

We found, that, after the

passover feast ,

first fruit is coming out

of the ROSARY ministries in INDIA!

Praise the LORD!

NEXT LESSONS we will have

A look on the missionary principles

Of our service, like it

Was extrraordinary evaluated

By Global University

And according to

The international standarts

Of Mission and Evangelization.


A Pastor, who laid hands on the plow

shall not look back, otherwise

he is not able to do this work.

On the other hand:

a BISHOP as overlooker

shall make a review on former

teachings and lectures

to use it like a good

father in his household

to bring new things and

old treasures to give it

to his readers. 


This time our friends from RMI INDIA are

fasting and praying for 40 days,

strating on Nov. 11. 2010.

Pls help us to support the

widows, old aged, orphans,

aids victims, poor children

and the pastors families.

Pls donate with paqypal,

by clicking on the

Fire-Fighter-Button below:



If You want to read the german version,

Pls look at

 http://ROSARY-NEWS.blogspot.com .

English teaching may bee looked at on

http://ROSARY2007.wordpress.com .


Have a good time

And enjoy!


God Bless!





Uwe A.E.Rosenkranz


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CU at http://UweRosenkranz.com

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