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Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Call to Action: #IsraelUnderFire- by ROSARY NEWS, Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

 Please share. The world has to understand what we have known all along – BDS is Hamas and Hamas is BDS.


Yesterday, a short Tweet emerged from the official Hamas movement account: "We salute and support the influential BDS movement".
Eight words which have huge repercussions. Hamas is a designated terrorist organization while BDS continues to claim that it is a peaceful activist movement and as such, they should be worlds apart.
Over the past few years, the ties between the BDS movement and its offshoots such as the SJP and between terrorist organizations such as Hamas, the PFLP and Hezbollah kept on showing up sporadically: a link with a terror group here, a glorification of terror there but no concrete link.
This eight-word tweet changes it all – Hama's endorsement of the BDS movement makes it clear: BDS is Hamas and Hamas is BDS.

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