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Samstag, 25. November 2017

- Impressions from crusade by Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz




Impressions from crusade 

 by Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

Lagos Farewell Gospel Crusade with Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke.

Posted by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page on Freitag, 24. November 2017
The vision of bringing 100 Million people to GOD by writing a decision card to Reinhard Bonnke´s Ministry CfaN, is almost done. In 30 Years more than 75 Million people came into the Kingdom of GOD. Another 75 Million people shall make this livechanging decision within the next 10 Years.
Afican contionent is exploding. Many "refugees" are coming to Europe, especially into GERMANY.
They are seeking "Green Pastures" according to PSALM 23, but in reality they cause brain drain in their countries and seek to check out the freedom of true christians.
But they evenso need GOOD SHEPARDS to overlook and comfort and teach and correct them but refuse to take good advise.  

This is caused after banned church-worldwide-episcopal-church-suspended-from-anglican-communion in 1/2016.

But we want sober marriage, sober church and sober Bishops.
Therefore we face the challenage of the claimed will
 of these fraction of hosting next Year´s conference in Germany.
It was planned to be conducted in Houston, Texas, USA by socalled Bishop "Policarp".
This is the poor LOGO of that selfproclaiming congregation:
The armour is bearing the crossed keys, that is originated by Vatican and to the homeland of my fathers and forefathers at Schleswig/Germany. The misused shield of arms shows the misconception of this episcopal sect. The ytry to identify with local believers and with Global Kingdom of GOD, but are not authorized to do so by any Vatican Law, nor by legacy, childhood, policy, denomination, dominions, patents, labels or rights, but they want to steel privilöegues and common rights by pretending they would have been the origin of those symbols, Logos anbd legislation.
There  is evenso no accreditation, guest right or embedding to any of those false bishops who appear as woolves in sheep skins.
As we do not agree in wrong Bishops who are not qualified according to the biblical standarts, we are not supporting any of those gatherings, meetings or conferences.
We do not agree in same sex marriage and increase the bann of Anglican church against these splitted sects of socalled episcopal councils.
Pls take good care not to be caught by those wrong teachers. Let this warning be spread all around the world. We do not need any New World Order that use black race immigration as a weapon in spiritual and religious warefare.

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