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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Celtic Philosophy

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Mr. Peter Müller from Augsburg, M.A. in Mission kindly allowed me to download his MA- Book on CELTIC-Culture, called "COLUMBAN´s REVOLUTION.

According to this , I found, that the Irish Monks, who came to the European Continent, have been respected as Philosophers. The have been followers and spiritual heirs of the CELTIC DRUIDs. There have been well educated (for 20 years at least they learned how to deal about medicine, agriculture, handcrafting,law, and religion). Most of them where members of the irish upper class, children of Kings and landlords. There appeared two main forms of Pelegrinos: Green and White. This status allowed the priests to leave their homes, families , clans and country. They obbeyed to the call of GOD.

COLUMBAN and his friends (12 soul friends and cell compagnions) cooperated with the FRANK Kings of MEROWINGs. They settled at Luxuaill` near Paris and built Monasteries and abbeys. In 50 years about 330 chruch centres have been organized. Some of them spread over a landscape of 10.000 acres. Schools, Farms, Handcrafting laboratories, Auberges, Homes for poor, children have been founded.

I´m going to focus on the CELTIC Philosophy in the next "Words from God".

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