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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008


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News letter from pr. J C in India.

Beloved in Christ,
Greetings in His wonderful name. God is great and He is leading us all in a blessed way for His glory.
Now our 1, church ministry ( local churches in 8 villages)
2, Out reach ministry
3,Writing and publishing of books ( 7 out of 13 books published)
4,Charity ministry ( boys home in Kerala and girls home in Orrissa)
everything go fine. Because the monsoon starts by next week our convention season is over now.

New admissions are comming to the childrens home.
Godwilling we are sending 31 children to school this year.(15 in kerala and 16 in Orissa.) Children need:
Uniform, Rupees 300 x 2pairs = 600
Bag, Rs. 250
Note book Rs. 150
Text books, Rs. 150
Umbrella, Rs. 200
Other things like tiffin box etc Rs. 200
Per child RUPEES 1500, ( only $ 40 )

1500 x31 children =Rs. 46500 ( $1200 only)

Really this is the time of need. i request your valuable prayer for these needs.
Hope you will reply me soon.

I have account in HSBC bank New York. If you arrange, the particular
amount will come to this account at due time. Here are the details.
Name; PARAKKADAVIL J. CHACKO (J C Parakkadavil)
Account # 658094432
Bank;;HSBC Routing / ABA # 021001088.
Bank address; HSBC 257-15 Union Turn Pike Glen Oaks N Y 11004

Please stand with us for the ministry and we will do the work of the
Lord in India. God will share the reward equally to you too. If you want
any more details please ask me by e mail. we will pray for you. Or you
can call me, cell. 9446040239 . Thank you and God bless you.
In Him,

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