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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Celtic Spirituality

Thema: Celtic Spirituality
Zeit: 11.30 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: unruhig
Musik: Why shall the Devil get all the good music?

After clearing up the first sources of Celtic Spirituality, we are looking in how far Celtic Spirituality with some Thesis shall be designed today.

If a postmodern Integral Spirituality (Ken Wilber et others,"Integrale Spiritualität. 2007, page 295) takes the best of each culture and religion to find an intelligent way to safe life on this planet earth, why is the great celtic spirituality not integrated?

We see, that the system of mindmapping all spirituality is founded on lenght.height,perspective and declinated into the personal-pronomes

I, IT, WE, THEY in the 4 quadrants of the cartesian coordinate system

(Wilber, "Integrale Spiritualität,Munich,2007, page 303).

So, this leads to the conclusion, that this grammar-scholl behaviourism is just projected on spirituality, holding it´s mechanistical transformation.

When visiting a monastery at Mallorca, where Lulli teached about the three main religions JEWs, Christ, Islam, the grammar school was just for beginners. One has to pass it to get into the "Inner circle" of knowledge.(ref: About Uprising of Intelligence and about decline of Intelligence").

To my mind, Wilbers point of view is like a baby, that plays in a sandbox. Each thing he sees,smells,tastes,hears,feels or just heard about, he samples into the quadratic sandbox. He is very creativ to find new words. But if one looks at the single chapters of science of spirituality, he finds that the facts about each is very particular, sometimes wrong, but everytime just on the surface. Examples: Hermeneutik, Agriculture, "Chain of wisdom-traditions").

The colours of light as a hirarchic line of wisdom- growing and spiritual developement is artificial and not realistic. Bats and bees e.g. would have been evaluated as supernatural metaphysic beeings, if measured by their senses.Ultraviolett recepting eyes should then see the "SUPER-SPIRIT"?? - No thanks! .-)

So we have to find a more fitting system to describe Celtic Spirituality, rather than breaking Celtic Knowledge down to the very bricks of sandbox grammar-school-touching.

Together with Dr. Georg Gati ( From Tao to Bible, 2006) I found that the advice of the Bible to cut the word straight, and to measure in the 4 Dimensions can be enlarged by using the dimension of time and the parralel structure, used to give images to understand for those who are not followers of christ and don´t know the secrets of wisdom.

Another line of interpretation is the kabbalistic numerology, based on jewish alphabeth. This was described by Georg Gati and refering on the research of the jewish rabbi "Grünzweig" in the beginning of the 20th century.

So we find a more handsome classification system than the Integral Spirituality.

So, how can Celtic Spirituality, especially the druid tradition, transformed by the leading power-encounterings of ROSARY-Templers with Knights and King, freeing Jerusalem and Rome, Jews and Christian Pope,influence postmodern actions of international climate change, islamic conflicts and terrorist attacks?

Working Thesis

1) All has to be proofed by the Bible.

2) The word of the bible is to be cut straight (in wide,lenght,height,depth).

3) Hebrew Numerology (including Kabbala) shall be integrated into the process of interpretation.

4) Parralel Symbolism for images, parables, dramatics,visualisation have to be recognised. The hermeneutical rules shall be followed.

5) History of jewish-christian-islamic culture then can be focused as monotheistic religions.

6) Religions and traditions with no singular GODness may stand in random view.

7) Evident force of the Kingdom of GOD in this world has to be realized.

8) The best capacities of all cultures to solve the problems of climate crisis, religious conflicts, demand of resources etc.pp. have to be bundled.

9) Synergetic energy of wisdom traditions have to be used.

10) Motivation and massmedia megatrends have to avoid the mistakes of former history.

11) Personal concern with lines of blessing have to be set free.

12) Global Players, Forces, Thrones , riches and entities that rule with forces of evil have to be overthrown by the kingdom of GOD.

This guide map has to re- or disarrange other visions and road-maps,which have not been successful.

Adaption of new traditional wisdom is not only a matter of knowledge, but a piece of obidiance and active inteligence. In fact, this is seriously concerning every human beeing, as well as all other creatures on earth and in heaven. Therefor love and peace are not following as a result, but as a dynamic power of Messianic-based human-race-skill.

Racial or religious or materialistic conflicts under these circumstances loose their motivating terms.

Easy solutions are required. Global, well-known praying-believing-talking-to-GOD types shall be used to intensify the process of transformation and contextualization. So called "uneasy-to-explain-products" are not worth- and helpful.

Metaphorus reaction-increaser may play a role, as martyrs, Pelegrinos,Power-encounter,gost-busters, charismatic leaders, gurus of ecology, economy, governement,media,law and executive (army).

Prophets, Priests and Kings and "heroes-in-the-hall-of -famous-faith" may occur and fit into the archetype structures, fulfilling the superspiritual masterplan of the One and Only GOD.


Conclusion: This rough draft essay does not intense to give the absolute truth and perfect direction, but it is a more or less pre-cognitive mind-map.Especcially, it should not be misunderstood as a selfish call for the Big Leader, neither Spiritual nor naturally empowered; but it can be.

Please imagine, everything that is lasting, is made of love, legal and loud.

There is one time to be silent and lay seal on the lips- and there is a time- I suppose to be sunrising now- to shout from the roofs what is whispered in the rooms.
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