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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008


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ROSENKRANZ-Die Templeroffenbarung

ROSARY-Templer´s Revelation

On 14.February 2008 (Valentine´s Day), Prince Charles, Duke of Wales, surprised the European Parliament´s Auditory with terrible news about climate crisis:

1) Global Warming seems to be double fast than science estimated

2) The North Pole Ice will be emlted down in 7 years! (That is 2015)

3) Yearly rainforest burn down is about 20 Million Hektar.

CO²- Climate- taxes, coming into the European Union´s pocket shall be reinvested into natural treasury.

So, how can we do so?

Please read the ebook (125 pages)!

Tags: ebook, Relevation, Templer, Knights of St John, spirituality, Druids, religion, politics, theology, education, contextualization
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