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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008


Thema: ERIC II.
Zeit: 9.31 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: albern
Musik: Kansas City-Les Humphries Singers


Chapter IV – The Riddle-Rhyme

Eric commanded his leaders into the midst of the stonewall circle. Before they could argue, he explained the specific situation with his sonar voice:

“Dear Sirs, noblemen and honourable infants,” he started to speak loud.

“Please allow me, as your humble servant, to bring to your notice, what the ears of your elders and forefathers would eagerly want to hear for a thousand of years; generation after generation have been waiting for this moment to face, and you have the privilege to feel the fear of this fascinating culmination of time!”

He put his feet step by step from his shield in the centre to the spear in the north.

“Twelve steps to the Northern Land!” he proclaimed.

Without stumbling he stepped towards them to the blank steel of his sword, sticking at the South.

“Thirteen to the Summer Set” –

“Triangle to the root of that” –

“There lies the wise man’s head in bed!”

Chapter V – Beta, Pi, Taw

Just some little guys started laughing and giggling. They had a good pint of beer and liked the fairy tales of mystery and imagination. But, all at once, they stopped, when Eric seriously swore by the Name of the One and Only GOD and broke the seal of silence, which had held this suspicious space time after time under its spell. “JESUS!”- He shouted. Six hundred ears followed King Eric’s Proclamation and no fewer eyes stared at him, when he with the security of a dream dancer went to the altar-like plate of a plain rock, standing between the spear and the sword 5 steps outside of the circle. Lightened by the fire and the stars the figure of the stone built the letter of Beta-Pi-Taw.

Chapter VI – The Heritage

“My Dear Brethren”, whispered young Eric. “Since the days, when my beloved father Eric I. King of Denmark – blessed be his soul, for ever good he was!- lay the burden of kingdom upon my shoulders, this former age riddle was given to my heritage. `T is the word of an Old Druid – Columban was his name! The Irish Monks who first built monasteries in this Britannic Land gave his knowledge to the blood line of the Danish Kings, whose forefathers had been slaughtered by the same fiends, the Anglo-Saxon Walsh Dragon-Shield-Wearers! Never shall their cursed souls come into the circle of council! – A shiver ran down the necks of the brave soldiers, when they heard the fate of blame.

“Old Columban I. was ripped by the same bride of evil at the green fields of Stonehenge, ere he could give the good message to his brotherhood on the isle of Iona!” Eric raised his mighty voice. ”Lindisfarne Love-Song-Bards should bring his dying body to the blessed land. At this place, under the stones, his head has been buried!” 300 mouths stood wide open. “Hurry up, beloved kinsmen, let’s see, what heraldic message Columban´s grave will give to the brave!” – “RAVE, RAVE”- The echoes of Eric’s words came back from the ring of remedy between the Crab Fog from heaven and the herd fire on earth.

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