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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008


Thema: Longlasting - loud and legalZeit: 9.35 Uhr CESTAutor: uaerosenkranz Stimmung: optimistisch
When I was a schoolboy, I asked myself, : where is money coming from?
Later I did the same as a banking apprentice, and I said to my lecturers:
This, our bank will not last long, if we don´t serve the people.
It was Dresdner Bank and was sold these weeks.
Then I marched to university, learned international economie. I asked my Professor:
In these input-output-schedules about one peoples economy, why is wellfare declared
as the income ratio per head, but there are people, who can´t buy enough food?
There was no good answer given. Then we had a "go-in" at uni-sekretary and send a message to the minister of education - as a result we got a new profession :
Organic Agriculture.
I was a research leader and we set standarts to establish the european BIO-SEAL.
I was kicked out of the race, for i was something like You calle flagman- and the fruitsuckers didnt want to give claims to the founders and planters.
So GOD called me into HIS KINGDOM. I served as an usher, as a mission leader, as homecellgroupleader, leader of a christian brotherhood of men, as a teacher and so on.
I went to bible school for a long time and then i realized: it´s all the same:
Pastors looking for profit , glory and positiones, churches declined because of lack of knowledge.
So I asked GOD: what is the sense of all that human race?
HE gave an answer to me, a VISION and a REVELATION.
I was obediant to spread this message AS GOOD AS i CAN,
and cared for widows, ill people and gave money into the mission fields.
I worked for my income, for my wife and family, I had to struggle with mighty enemies, who rule with the principalities of the darkness and the evil spirits under the heavens.
I have been winning-thank GOD- in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!
I used my spiritual gifts. And I built up a business with my natural gifts.
And now there is still the answer to my question: what is longlastin, loud and legal?
It´s not money- it comes and goes, it´s like an eagle, it spreads it´s wings and is up and gone (today´s morning radio talked: 1 Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000 $ have been blown overnight at the stock exchanges worldwide! (It would have cost 50,000,000,000 $ to feed all human beeings on planet earth for one year - but united nations in New York could not decide to give it to the poor last week!)
Do You know, what is happening now? GOD is answering! If You don´t care for the poor, I will take it from YOU, the RICH 20 times overnight! Is this a hard message for YOU? - I´m not silently murmour voice- I have to say it aloud! It´s rightiousness, it´s legal- this is what the mightiy ones and the principalities of these aeon are ruling!
But, don´t worry- go ahead, step foreward- the HOLY SPIRIT is in front of this sense of time!
What is longlasting? The word of GOD! As long as the word of GOD is remaining on our planet earth, there will be sowing and planting, sun and rain, summer and winter, growing and harvest! Please care for the WORD OF GOD- please take care for our planet earth, take care for the people, for animals and plantes, for atmospere and most of all:
Take Good Care for YOU heart and soul!
GOD bless YOU!
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