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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

ERIC EMUNAH - content

Thema: Story Telling
Zeit: 9.27 Uhr CET
Autor: uaerosenkranz
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Musik: Mammah Lu- on radio, von Les Humphries, who died


A Narration


Uwe Alfred Erich Rosenkranz


Columban I. has been injured at Stonehenge in the Year of 400 AD. His later priest Columban II has been travelling along to LeCarnac, when he landed at Isle of St.Michéle in Northern France at 566 AD.

In the 11th Century, ERIC II, dedicated King of Denmark arrived at LeCarnac with 300 horsemen. The CRAB FOG, a supernova dated his landing.

The Old riddle, that he hired from his forefathers lead him to the grave of Columban. He discovered the secret and found a golden shield with a heraldic message, which leaded him to the Holy Land.


I. Prolog – The Old Druide

II. The Crab Fog

III. Fire in the ring of stones

IV. The Riddle-Rhyme

V. Beta-Pi-Taw

VI. The Heritage

VII. The Discovery

VIII. Epilogue – The Promised Land


The early Canaan “beta” (п), the Greek “Pi” (∏,) and the Celtic rune of double “TT” (Ħ, called “Taw” Л), are here figured as:

Beta, Pi, Tot (from Túath- Celtic prince or king),

Today used as “sum of all”; totally



Anamchara – friend of soul, cellmate of a peregrine.

Bangor- Monastery in Northern Ireland.

Cana – spoken law or rule.

Columban II. - Christian monk in the tradition of druids.

Crab Fog- supernova in the year 1054-56, described by Chinese astronomers, appeared to be a light, shiny fog- it came very suddenly, from one day to the other.

Druids- wise men of Celtic culture.

EMUNAH- “The Remarkable”-name of ERIC II.

EVERGOOD - name of ERIC I.

Horsemen- riding soldiers, following the King.

Iona- Island at the coast of Scotland.

Jacobin Way- Pilgrims were wandering this way to the Holy Land.

Kinsmen- sons, cousins and younger relatives.

Knights of St.John – Brotherhood of men in tradition of the Apostle John.

LeCarnac- “Karnack” - place in Northern France- today Bretagne.

Lindisfarne - monastery on the isle of Iona.

Peregrinus, peregrines – people, who were banned and separated from their families, here- Title for priests and monks, who separated their life’s for JESUS CHRIST

St. Michelle – isle at the Bretagne shore in northern France

Stonehenge - Celtic culture ceremonial place in Northern Ireland.

Stonewall- long alley of two walls of ceremonial stone columns.

Summer set – here: south direction, where the sun has its culmination point in summer.

Triangle - geometric figure, triangulation line.

Túath – member of reigning upper class



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