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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Streik, Ausstand

Thema: STRIKE ! OUTSTAND !Zeit: 9.57 Uhr CESTAutor: uaerosenkranz Stimmung: entspannt
GOD told me several times: Pastors are on strike. ( The german word "STREIK" was not used, but the word " Ausstand" =outstand? .
That means, pastors shall be out of their professional standings.
I was not sure, what this means to our church and the churches of our denominations.
So we prayed and GOD gave some spiritual pictures to our praying mate: She saw a fire, burning and glooming in red and yellow. It was not a good fire.There were stones and a iron (Gitter) cell . Then, suddenly, a white shining light overflooded the scene. This fire comes from GOD. Next was a deep purple and violett light, like an eye and it was from GOD, too.
This is the message: the church has burned their own fire on their own altars. GOD moves away all the ruinous altars and the wrong altar fires. He lightenes the world and gives spiritual light and wisdom - he opens the eyes and is looking on HIS people with HIS EYES!
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