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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Global Warming

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How will Global Warming change our lives?

In the beginning of the 3rd millennium global warming is going to be a worldwide crisis.
Even now, changes appear in several parts of the planet. Science is able to simulate the upcoming scenario.

I. Ecology- :The latest UN- report on climate takes further action on:
Desertification- The deserts, like in Sudan will grow, lakes are falling dry, as in Tschad. Fire storms, like in California destroy many houses and woods. Even southern parts of the United States, like Florida and Texas, actually are getting water only 3 hours a day, as reported by Pastor Rick Joyner, an intimate insider and certified training-camp-leader.
B. Floods- Tsunamis occurred in South-Asia, following after quakes under ground of the Pacific Sea; breaking of dams, like Mississippi Delta, in New Orleans are setting big, crowded areas under water.
C. Storms- Tornado seasons, coming from Bermuda triangle, getting stronger and more disastrous nearly every year in the last decades.
D. Earthquakes- The quantity and frequency of earthquake will waste more human settlements. Re-financing insurance-companies increase the charges and calculate more than one billion $ the next years for the regulation of such accidents.
E. Volcano- Eruptions spit out hot ashes and magma and will poison the air.
F. Pollution- Human waste of a growing mankind produces more and more waste. Italian cities, e.g., export their public waste and garbage by ship to islands, where it is burned.

II. Equity
A. Developed countries- although some are going to get richer (about 10% of society), the middle and under classes are getting poorer. Higher taxes on energy and fuel reduce income of private households.
B. Poor countries- cannot pay their debs any more; the poor are getting poorer in international relation. The burdens of environmental tasks become very heavy yokes for these people.
C. Contrast between rich and poor- work is paid less, money is getting paid higher and faster, so the contrast between rich and poor increases.
D. Communism/Capitalism- as a result of the economical dysfunctions, materialistic systems like capitalism and communism stand against each other. Both are not successful in solving the problems of Global Warming.

III. Migration
A. Cities on the shores-, who in further times grew fast, because of harbours and trade infrastructure, now are going to sink under the rising sea-level, as can be seen in simulation maps of actual climate reports. Billions of capital inhabitants will have to flee.
B. Regions with deserts- grow, so that animals, plants and human life hood are dying. Uncounted nomadic peoples are so called “climate pilgrims”.
C. Earthquakes – especially along the continent plate’s earthquakes increase in frequency and danger. Settlements are destroyed and great economical loss is remarkable.

D. Storms- reach the shores, hurricanes and tornados waste the landscape. People have to flee and loose their homes, infrastructure is breaking together.
E. Boat People- African or South-Asian people leave their continent on crowded boats, a lot of them die in the seas.
F. Biological invaders- changing climate zones animate biological invaders to increase their population extremely fast, so they become an environmental problem.

IV. Terrorism
A. Arms- rich countries want to defend their existence with increasing arms and numbers of soldiers. The quality of nuclear, biologic and chemical weapons is getting most dangerous. Mega death and Overkill is possible. Arms are coming in the hands of terrorist states, so that they are not longer controllable.
B. Decentred networks- Terrorist don’t operate like in classic wars between states. Small, self-organized groups in global networks are able to act with enormous destructive criminal energy. The axis-of-evil-strategy is reality today.
C. Pandemic diseases- Global Warming will exponential score the risk of pandemic diseases, when bird influenza and other up to now harmless infects overtake the lowered immune system of cultural societies between Plants, Animals and men.
If we fix only at the matters of nature-caused Global Warming, we neglect the fact that ecological crisis can crudely be caused by terrorists, who are able to attack with biological weapons and dirty bombs. On the other hand the logic of worldwide social instability would create an incredible scenario for international terrorism.

V. Religious conflicts
A. fundamental Islamic separatists try to get in control of the whole world. They are fighting against other religions, especially against ISRAEL. Religious motivated Terrorist attacks try to destroy ecology and economy.
Ethical standards of religions are too weak. There are to less practical answers given. The “Green Movement” often is bound in esoteric.
B. Imperialistic dictators- in the increasing scenario, Latin American and African religious motivated dictators are getting mighty. End-Time scenarios are used to influence people’s minds by indoctrination.
C. Anti-Semitic wars- history is showing a lot of wars against the people of GOD. Anti-Semitic struggles are becoming a teleologically enforced power, when environmental background is getting harder. Jews and Christians are judged for it.

Conclusion: If we are looking at the several points of problems, caused by Global Warming, one may say, they can be solved by the human race. But on the other hand we see that the goals and aims to solve the whole package are too weak.
“Surviving of the fittest” is as fatal as the “let it go”-routine, that is described by the “InSHALLAH” – Kismet-Philosophy.
The often proclaimed “self-healing-power” of the market appears to be a big mistake, as global industries have strong lobbies and are carrying too less social responsibility; this is proofed by the climate contract of the EU in January 2008.
New ideas and changes in paradigms are paralysed. This was stated very concrete at the meeting of “Right Livelihood-Award”- winners at Goethe-Institute, Munich, Germany in 2005. Behaviour of all people must be radically new organized and should grow to mass movements; this is the result of a background- paper (German-watch; 1/2008) to the 2007 Bali- Agreement of the UN.
The answer, how mankind can survive under this conditions is still not given. Politicians isolate themselves from the people’s issues and sorrows. Laws are too weak. There is still no effective international task force. NGO´s are not estimated correctly by governments, and global players, so they are suspected to be illegal.
Some set their hope on one unified international ecological regime, which is able and empowered to manage the crisis. But to my mind, this is going to be a bigger problem than Global Warming.
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