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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008


Thema: Israel and Islam
Zeit: 10.21 Uhr CEST
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: besorgt
Musik: Good Morning Vietnam

http://www.Israelheute.com this forum deals

with the problem of Israelian/Palestinean conflict.

There are some intelligent arguments to read.

Depending on the Book of Prof.Dr.Dr.Dr.

Thomas Schirrmacher: "Die Kriegsreligion Hitlers",

Bonn 2008 I am looking foreward to present a research

about the similaries between Islamic Terror (Dschihad)

and "Hitlers Kriegsreligion".

Please listen carefully to the following blogrolls.

Tags: Islam, Israel, Religion, conflict, Hitler,
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