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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Pope message

Thema: What the Pope says
Zeit: 21.04 Uhr CEST
Autor: uaerosenkranz
Stimmung: glücklich
Musik: He´s got the whole world---

Actually, on the World´s Youth Day for Believers from all nations, the Pope,

Benedict XVI. says:

The power and the importance (relevance,significance) of the Youth is:

1. The personal Testimony

2. The efforts in caring for environment

Now, I´m 48 years on this planet - but had revival-reborn in 1992-

So I know and I feel the power of spiritual youth in my spirit.

Please read my personal testimony in my ebook on http://www.Uwe-Rosenkranz.de

and http://rosenkranz.eu.com and my efforts vor environment, care for life, saving and healing on http://ROSARY.sorgenlos.net

There is another link, You may use to build up and spread your own testimony:


werbebanner: http://www.hotconference.com/images/connection.jpg

This is to enable You to teach and train others with the Good Message!

God bless You!

Tags: life care, environment, pope, testimony, wolrd youth day, sydney
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